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An American Hero Made In Japan by Mrcappy An American Hero Made In Japan by Mrcappy
UPDATE: Hey transfans! Do you like my Transformer humor, but can’t understand why I taint the rest of my gallery with filthy hyooman characters? I’ve opened up a NEW gallery that’s one-hundred percent robot rousings. Transformer jokes will still be uploaded to this gallery as well, so if you like my general jokes then there’s no reason to watch the other site. So if you’d like to follow along Optimus and gang thru transfunny misadventures, head on over to Cappitron!

Cappy’s Rockin’ Rendition
Are you confused, or do you just blindly accept whatever the crap I create now? The story behind this picture is arduous; full of twists, turns, about love, and about betrayal.
Well…not really.

To save on gas money I carpool with a fellow Stocktonian to the college campus about an hour away. An hour is a pretty good chunk of time, and we end up talking. Sometimes my educational peer talks about his part time job working at Primerica. Primerica is a branch off of Citibank, and consists of debt consolidation or mortgage refinance or heck I don’t know. When he talks about money voodoo, my brain kicks on a mix tape and I mentally jam to catchy techno.

All you need to know is that Microsoft Word recognizes “ Primerica” as a legitimate word, but not “trifecta”.

But when talking about other things, like the fact we both grew up watching Transformers, I was informed that his wife is still a huge Optimus Prime fan. I told him I would nominate his wife for ‘coolest wife’ award during nominations and/or if it ever existed. He asked me for a picture of the iconic bot, and I figured a patented play-on of his business name would fit nicely.
I mean, com’mon, it’s got Prime already in the name, the picture practically drew itself!

You could just forget my description of what Primerica stands for, and imagine that it represents American children’s number one red, white, and blue painted hero. That’s right, shove off G.I. Joe!! I’d rather have giant robots protecting America than a crack commando team any day!

So far, my carpool buddy loved the almost completed picture and wanted to make a few shirts with the image for his team. He asked me what the legal status of that would be, and I gave him my professional definition, seeing as I’m a certified not-real lawyer. From my understanding of copyright laws, having a shirt with fanart on it is permitted as long as you are not selling them to make a profit. That’s why DeviantArt bypasses asking you to make prints of your InuyashaXSephiroth make-out picture, because making money off of someone else’s property is a dink move anyway, which is why I didn’t ask for compensation for the doodle.

Or any of my Transformer drawings.

You hear that, Hasbro?!

-The “Optimus Prime: The Circuit Boarded Jesus Of The Cartoon World” Cappy

For the copycats: micron pigma pen 05, prismacolor markers, sharpie marker.
References: none…this dude is imprinted into my mind. Multiplication equations aren’t…but Optimus Prime’s schematics are.
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Kote-Vode-An Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I have to agree that Optimus is the cartoon version of Jesus.
TF-Wheelie-Hornet Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2008
I laugh so hard at this picture because it's true. Optimus Prime really was made in Japan. The G1 show which made them famous was American, but the toys existed before the show was even considered.
Vishal4u Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2008
This is what im talking about. This is great coloring. Your transformer's chest looks like an oven. What does he transform into, an easy bake
Mrcappy Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008
You're lucky I'm not Jewish, for how dare you make light of how my theoretical people were slaughtered by referencing death kilns! I know how your racist mind works, even when it doesn't know it's being racist!
-The "Let My People Roll Out" Cappy
Ha-HeePrime Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh. My. Gosh.
I saw this, and thought, "Noooooo! Oh, Surely Not!" The Hubby worked for them for a while, so I have all the speeches you've heard in the carpool memorized. I wasn't sure if they still existed, what with the current economy and all...
Heeeeeelp! Even Prime has been converted! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Mrcappy Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008
But see...Primerica, like, will transform your debt. There's no decepticonning you about how to save you money!
-The "Master At BSing" Cappy
noodle3-d Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008   General Artist
I would seriously want that on a T-shirt, too.
Nika-N Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008   General Artist
I love how you draw him truly G1 - that Optimus is the true Prime))) Great pic)))
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